Coptic Orthodox Diocese of the Southern United States
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Marrying a woman much younger than a man seems to be the fashion these days. Does the church have a comment on that?

It all has to do with the maturity level of both man and woman. If the younger man is mature enough and the age difference small, such a marriage can be successful. If the age difference is quite big, then a few points need to be considered:

Maturity Level: If the younger man seems mature enough at the time of marriage, a few years down the road, this age difference might become counterproductive and causes problems. Women tend to mature faster than men. As a result the woman might assume an air of superiority and condescension regarding her spouse.

Self-confidence: As the woman gets older she might loose her self-confidence when she realizes how much younger her spouse is. She starts to take drastic measure to hide her real age and every birthday would be a reminder of how much older she is.

Jealousy: A great difference in age might cause jealousy. Once a woman feels that she is getting older and her spouse is still young (in male terms), she starts to doubt everything he does.
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