Coptic Orthodox Diocese of the Southern United States
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I'm Roman Catholic, What does the process of becoming Coptic Orthodox involve and is ethnic background a concern?

People, who seriously desire the fullness of Orthodox Christianity, must do something to attain that. Being aware of the Church is not enough. I would encourage you to contact the priest at the nearest Coptic Church.

I advise you first to examine your feelings towards Roman Catholicism and then take a serious look at Orthodoxy. Acquaint yourself very well with our Church. I suggest the following ways:
Visit the nearest Orthodox Church and attend the Divine Liturgy. Again, meet the priest. Ask the priest to help you learn and study about the Orthodox Church.

Read books on Orthodoxy. These are only a few suggestions: The Orthodox Church (Ware), Becoming Orthodox (Guillquist), The Life of the World (Schmemann), and examine The Orthodox Study Bible. Coptic Orthodox Church (Fr. Tadros Malaty) is probably the first book you should request of Father Marcos.

Examine the faith, worship, history and the church's commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ, her love for God the Father, and her communion with the Holy Spirit. Then I am quite sure you will have your answer regarding Orthodoxy.

The term ‘Coptic’ is an ethnic term meaning Egyptian, whereas Orthodox refers to a faith available for everyone. When you join the Coptic Orthodox Church, you will be exposed to the Egyptian culture. In general dealing with another culture can be a GREAT experience.
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