Coptic Orthodox Diocese of the Southern United States
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"My Brethren, do not hold the faith of our Lord Jesus Christ, The Lord of glory, with partiality." (James 2:1), could you please explain this verse?

If you read this verse carefully, it says that we should not hold with partiality the faith that our Lord Jesus Christ gave us. We are the ones that can fall into the sin of partiality. St. James instructs us that there should not be any favoritism on account of rank, birth, wealth, or apparel. He also gives specific reasons why there should not be any partiality among the people:
(a) "God has chosen the poor for his own people, having selected his friends mainly from them" (James 2:5).

(b) "Rich men in fact oppressed them, and showed that they were worthy of no special regard" (James 2:6).

(c) "They were often found among revilers, and in fact despised their religion" (James 2:7).

(d) "The law required that they should love their neighbors as themselves, and if they did this, it was all that was demanded; that is, that the love of the man was not to be set aside by the love of splendid apparel" (James 2:8).
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