Coptic Orthodox Diocese of the Southern United States
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How does one prevail with God in prayer?

There are many guidelines for prayer. St. John of Damascus states, "prayer is raising up the heart and mind to God."

The Holy Gospel of St. Matthew 6:5-15 specifically tells us how to pray. As you  read this please keep in mind the message given. God wants us not to miss the "spirit" of praying. It is an intimate personal relationship with God and leads to the vision of His Glory. To be made intimate with Him we should be humble, always reminded of our sins, and sincere, always letting prayer come from the heart. We are to pray without ceasing.

When a person prays he or she should have total faith that God is present. One must trust that God hears the prayers and receives them with pleasure. God's love endures and His promise is true. Once God sets His love on a person, He will never turn His back from a request for help. Sometimes, God may let a person sense His love with chastening or with feelings of abandonment  until that person's salvation is complete.
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