Coptic Orthodox Diocese of the Southern United States
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Is there a successful way/practice while praying to totally keep me focused on God Himself without my mind wondering in other directions or simply falling asleep?

  1. Set fixed times for daily prayers: It is very important to set for yourself daily times for prayer when you are not tired. Starting your day with prayer is usually the best time. In the evening, do not wait for the end of the day or just before going to bed, for at this time you would be tired and sleepy and it will be hard for you to concentrate on prayers.

  2. Have some quiet time before starting to pray: Do not start your prayers right after being engaged in a task or a conversation.  You have to take time to clear your mind from what you were doing so it would be easier for you to concentrate on your prayers.

  3. Ask the Lord to teach you how to pray: In the introduction to the Midnight Prayer, the church has prayerfully arranged  through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit to alert her children to  "Arise, O you, children of the light, to praise the Lord of Hosts… grant that we stay alert and may know how to stand with reverence, in Your presence, at the time of prayer and send You up all due praise and win the forgiveness of our sins."

  4. Pray with all your senses: Pray audibly so you can hear yourself that will make you more alert. Read your prayers even the ones you memorize. Following the prayers with your eyes will help you stay focused.

  5. Pray slowly: It is not a race or a task you have to get over with. It is a quality time you are spending in the presence of the Lord. Do not rush but think of every word you are saying whether it is praise, a glorification, a thanksgiving or a request.
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