Coptic Orthodox Diocese of the Southern United States
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Is it wrong to fear death? If you do, does it necessarily mean that you are on a wrong path? Is it just part of our weak nature? I read that even St. Gregory the Theologian himself had this fear of death.

Some people do fear death because they are aware of their wrong deeds. For others, the fear of death is the fear of the unknown, of the uncertainty of what to expect. Even on earth some people fear traveling to new places. The future and the unfamiliar are also causes of fear. These are all sentiments resulting from natural human weakness and lack of courage. St. Ambrose says, "The foolish dread death as if it were the total of all evils. The foolish fear death, either because they think it means annihilation, or because they are terrified by fables about...the array of demons, the steep cliffs of darkness, etc. These are full of fables." As for us Christians, we have to have faith that death is only a departure; and that as long as we are seeking the kingdom of God we should not be afraid; but be happy looking forward to be with the One we love. St. Gregory the Theologian himself said "I believe the words of the wise, that every fair and God-beloved soul, when it departs from here, goes forth rejoicing to meet its Lord...and enters the joy of blessedness laid up for it."
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