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Could you please explain the Holy Book of Exodus 4:24-26?

Moses neglected to carry out the covenant rite of circumcision to his son, because his wife, Zipporah the Midianite objected to it. God displeased with Moses, encountered him probably through an angel carrying a sword in his hand, and sought to kill him. Some commentators say that Moses was attacked by a sudden and dangerous illness, which he knew was inflicted by God. This happened right after God had spoken with him entrusting him as a friend. Moses had betrayed that confidence and emerged as an enemy against Him. It displeases God to see His own people sin against him by neglecting their duty, being contempt and neglecting the seals of the covenant. Such neglect is a sign that we undervalue the promises of the covenant, and are displeased with its terms.

Zipporah realized that what was happening was due to the neglect in circumcising their son. Since Moses was unable to circumcise the child, Zipporah having been concerned for her husband's safety, overcame her maternal feelings and performed the rite herself exclaiming in painful excitement, that because of love for her husband, she had risked the life of her child. However, she could not overcome her fear, so she called her husband Moses a bloody husband, because, in his neglect, he had obliged her to circumcise the child.
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