Coptic Orthodox Diocese of the Southern United States
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Does the Orthodox Church support cloning? Why or why not?

Science differentiates between three types of cloning: Embryo cloning, adult DNA (reproductive) cloning and therapeutic (stem cell) cloning. Any of these procedures which requires the destruction of the embryo for research purposes is equivalent to murder.

There are countless ethical issues involved in cloning, not the least of which is the cloned individual's soul. The idea of creating a super-race or the "harvesting" of humans for the purpose of "parts" for transplants, etc. is not acceptable. Such things are seen as abominations in as much as they open a whole new definition of "life" as something other than a gift from God for the purpose of sharing His love and life.

The Coptic Orthodox Church believes that our human bodies belong to the Lord. It is natural for humans to attempt to preserve life and maintain healthy bodies. Development and use of scientific therapies that can assist in taking care of our bodies, to our optimal ability, is acceptable as long as it does not jeopardize another life (including an embryo) nor does it try to play God.
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