Coptic Orthodox Diocese of the Southern United States
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I do not want to confess because I feel embarrassed. What can I do?

With regard to Confession, I believe it is not the Holy Sacrament itself, but rather embarrassment that is the greatest barrier. However, the overwhelming feeling of relief that follows confession out measures the embarrassment that one might feel before confessing.

If you feel that your Father of Confession does not thoroughly address your issue nor give a matter the amount of consideration it deserves, causing you to delay in confessing, you can tell him that. If you hide your true feelings from him and you add to that your shame of your sins, then you will create a barrier between you, your father and confession. Be open with him. Validating ones feelings will establish the foundation for future times of Confessions.

There are some points you need to think about:
  1. The priest is your father and he will never think badly of you. Actually he will perceive you as a repentant more than sinful.

  2. The priest is a human being too and he cannot judge you lest he become tempted with the same sins.

  3. In order for any sin to be forgiven, we have to confess it. Which is better: to embarrass yourself or to have your sins not forgiven?

  4. Just revealing and exposing your thoughts will help you to get rid of them. If you do not say everything, you will not feel good.
My advice to you is to use this embarrassment as a cause to repent and not to refrain from confessing.
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