Coptic Orthodox Diocese of the Southern United States
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My parents have been divorced for twelve years now. I am worried about my mother who lives in another state and suffers from clinical depression. She has unsuccessfully attempted suicide two times that I know of. She doesn't go to Church because she knows other people talk about her since they know she is divorced;and besides that, she had a few problems with some of the people. I know this is a somewhat complex situation & there's no easy answer. I would appreciate any advice you could give me.

Keep praying incessantly for your mother for God hears prayers. If your mother suffers from clinical depression, she should seek professional help. Also, if she is on medication, she needs to take them regularly. How is your motherís social life? Does she work, have close friends that she can confide to? Sometimes keeping busy helps one to not be preoccupied with oneís problems. Try suggesting to her to get involved in the churchís activities. Talk to her church priest and ask him to help her get out of this dilemma. If anyone in church is close enough to her; they should be encouraged to talk to her and make her feel welcomed in the church.

Most of all keep on convincing her to go to church, to read the Holy Bible, to seek professional help, and do not cease to pray for her under any circumstances.
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