Coptic Orthodox Diocese of the Southern United States
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What does Your Grace think about this new movie "The Passions of the Christ"?

I have heard so many different comments on this movie; many people told me that they loved it and it moved their hearts for repentance and living a holy life. On the other hand some people said that the bloody scenes were overly done to the point that it did not really touch them spiritually or emotionally. Many people believe that if it wasn't for all the controversy and all the interviews with Mel Gibson that preceded the release of this movie, they do not think that it would have caught the attention of the media and the audience to the degree it had. Mel Gibson had a good intention and we should pray that this work bring about the glory of God by those who have seen it; and would be a reason to inquire about the Lord for those who do not already know Him, knowing that God can use the least things for His glory.
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