Coptic Orthodox Diocese of the Southern United States
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Why did Jesus Christ have to be beaten and suffer in such a way? Please clarify.

Salvation has been accomplished by the death of our Lord for us on the cross. However, he chose to suffer, be beaten in order to show us how much we hurt Him when we sin. The soldiers were ordered to take Jesus Christ to the hill to be crucified, but they beat Him and spat on Him. Spitting doesn't hurt the body but it degrades the soul. The soldiers elevated themselves at the expense of our Lord. What do Christians do today, Have we ever spat on anyone, gossiped, rolled our eyes in arrogance, made someone feel bad so that we would feel good?

Every sin we commit is a nail that goes through Christ's body. The crown of thorn is the consequence of our sins. When Adam sinned God said "So I will put curse on the will produce thorns and weeds for you" (Gen 3:17-18) the fruit of sin is thorns so the crown of thorns is a picture of the fruit of our sins.
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