Coptic Orthodox Diocese of the Southern United States
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I have a question regarding one of the prophecies of the first hour of Great Friday. In the Pascha book (published by Holy Virgin Mary Church in Los Angeles), there is the following unreferenced prophecy verse from Jeremiah:

And Jeremiah said to Pashur: ye were resisting the truth for sometime with thy father, and thy children after you, who did sin worse than you. For they set a price to him who has no price, and grieved him who heals sickness and forgives sins. They took the price upon which the sons of Israel agreed, thirty pieces of silver. And gave it to the potter's house. As the Lord commanded me, so I say. The judgment of perdition will be upon them and their children forever, for they judged innocent blood.
Where does this verse come from? Is this the prophecy quoted by Saint Matthew in 27:9-10 (which comes from a combination of Zechariah and Jeremiah)?

This passage is taken from the prophecies of Jeremiah 18:2-6; 20:2,3,6 & 21:1 and Zechariah 11:13-14.
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