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Sample Interview Questions

Question: Describe a situation that you fostered team work environment
Question: Negotiation and conflict management
It is inevitable, cause are like poor communication, seeking power, dissatisfaction with management style, weak leadership, lack of openness.
Conflict indicators are: disagreements, surprises, conflict in value system, Lack of clear goals.
Techniques for avoiding and resolving conflict:

How to prepare for the interview

  • Be prompt.  Show up at least 15 minutes before the interview.
  • Review the “Sample Interview Questions”.  Make sure you have your answers memorized.
  • Note: not all Sample Interview Questions apply to everyone.  Practice the ones that apply to you.
  • Practice your Sample Interview Questions responses out loud or with someone.
  • Have a copy of your resume with you to hand out if need be
  • Have a copy of your accomplishments/certifications to share with the interviewer (if applicable).


Thanksgiving Outreach Event

This event was on November 8th. Below is the official press release for the event.

Life Changers

The week before Thanksgiving 2014, 15 volunteers from SVRM’s south Florida headquarters represented the Coptic Orthodox church and Southern U.S. Diocese at the Broward Outreach Center’s newest facility in Pompano Beach, FL. Broward Outreach is a division of the Miami Rescue Mission. 
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