St. Andrew the Apostle

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He is St. Peter’s brother, and a former disciple of St. John the Baptist. St. John the Baptist led him to the Lord Jesus Christ and so St. Andrew spent a day with the Lord Christ to see His wonders and teaching and when he became confident that the Lord Jesus Christ was the Messiah, he called his brother St. Peter to meet the Lord Jesus Christ who called them to follow Him. He followed the Lord Jesus Christ as a disciple after the miracle of catching great numbers of fish.

The Holy Gospel mentioned St. Andrew in the feeding of the five thousand (John 6:8 &9), when Greeks asked him to see the Lord Jesus Christ (John 12:22) and when he asked the Lord about the end of the ages and destruction of Jerusalem and its temple (Mark 13:3). He preached in Asia Minor and states north of the Black Sea and was martyred on a cross in Petras one of the Greek cities. He is the intercessor of Russian and Greek churches. His relics were transferred from Petras to Constantinople on 357 AD and then to Amalpae City of Italy in the 11th century and the relics are still present in this cathedral at present time.