Welcome to His paradise on earth, to the Orthodox Church, a fulfilling Christian faith and practice that is as old as Christianity. Visit the 'Evangelism Topics,' to enrich yourself with all His hidden treasures in the Bible, in the Orthodox Church, in the Fathers, in the Orthodox spirituality, and in the "faith which was once for all delivered to the saints" (Jude 1:3). Additional materials would be added every other week, so come back and invite others too. If you have a desire for evangelism, we cordially invite you to enroll in our 'Evangelism Class,' where we learn, chat, and exchange thoughts over the Internet. ' Pray for evangelism.


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Lesson 1

     Why do I need to evangelize?

What are you going to do with a person, His name is Jesus Christ?

How to Study the Bible?

Evangelism Tip 1: 1- Respect

Lesson 2

   The First Step in the Spiritual Life

St. Cyril of Jerusalem

Evangelism Tips 2 "Judge Not"

Lesson 3

   ORATION ON THE  THEOPHANY By Saint Gregory of Nanzianzen(1)

How Do We Celebrate the Eucharist?

Lesson 4

   The Church Concept In the Orthodox Church (1)

ORATION ON THE  THEOPHANY By Saint Gregory of Nanzianzen (2)

   Assignment 4: How to Make Your Church a Tourist Attraction?

   Evangelism Tip 3: Give Spiritual Gifts


Lesson 5

The Church Concept In the Orthodox Church (2)

Lent Season: The Story of The Holy Mother Mary of Egypt

Why Do I Need To Evangelize (2)?


Lesson 6

The Obstacles of Evangelism

Obstacles of Evangelism in the Orthodox Church


Lesson 7

A Brief History of Christian Evangelism I


Lesson 8

A Brief History of Orthodox Evangelism II

Evangelism Tip 4: You Have a Mission


Lesson 9

A Brief History of Orthodox Evangelism III

Easter Sermon of St. John Chrysostom


Lesson 10

A Brief History of Orthodox Evangelism IV


Lesson 11

A Brief History of Orthodox Evangelism V


Lesson 12

Evangelism Using Tourism

Assignment for Lesson 12


Lesson 13

Toward a Coptic Orthodox Theology of Mission, What Is Evangelism?

Patrology I


Lesson 14

Patrology II

Spirituality of The Coptic Rituals


Lesson 15

Start An Evangelism Group In Your Church

Patrology III


Lesson 16

Holy Pascha in Jerusalem in the Fourth Century

How to Evangelize During Christmas Season?


Lesson 17

     How To Evangelize? (2) Friendship  

Evangelism Tip 5: Make Evangelism Your Passion


Lesson 18


   Essence of Evangelism and Spiritual Life


Lesson 19

 Writing to Local Newspapers


    Lesson 20

           Principles of Evangelistic Work and Writing 

           Legacy of the Coptic Orthodox Church


Lesson 21

How to Keep New Comers in the Church

Lesson 23

          How To Deal With Protestant Brothers and Sisters?


Lesson 24

    Individual Evangelism, Part 1


 Lesson 25

Individual Evangelism, Part 2


Lesson 26

          What Happened To The Church Established By Christ And His Apostles?


Lesson 27

  The Greeting Ministry


Lesson 28


          What is the difference between the words: 'Evangelical' and 'Evangelistic'?

          Why should not we use the word 'evangelical'?

    Lesson 29

          What to tell others about the Orthodox Church?


    Lesson 30

          The Coptic Orthodox Evangelism Assignment 1


     Lesson 31

         What Did the Lord Jesus Christ Say About The Coptic Orthodox Church?


   Lesson 32

      What To Tell African Americans About Christianity & The Coptic Orthodox Church?


Lesson 33

    The Most Important Tool In Evangelism

         Going to the Ends of the earth to Evangelize 


  Lesson 34
         What Is Your Role In Evangelism?


Lesson 35
     The School of Evangelism (new 2007)


  Lesson 36

How to Evangelize International Students?


Lesson 37

A Trip  to Heaven, An Evangelism Story (New 2007)  


Lesson 38

Who is The Evangelism Worker? (new 2007) 



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