Coptic Orthodox Diocese of the Southern United States
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I am an Italian extremely interested in Orthodox theology. As far as I know, Latin Catholicism and Byzantine Orthodoxy do not consider it a sin for a layman to use what has been used for religious purposes (for mundane uses, ex. to use a candle, previously used at home to pray, just to have light in one's house). Does Oriental Orthodoxy agree?

I am not sure I understand your question correctly. Are you talking about candles used by clergy that a layman would use; or just by a layman? I can tell you that in the Church there are utensils consecrated to the service inside the church such as the chalice, the paten, the censor etc. These are consecrated to be used only by the clergy for religious purposes and it is absolutely forbidden that they would be used by any layman. As for using church used candles; the word sin might not be the right word. Generally speaking, it is not appropriate to consume for personal purposes candles that have been utilized in the church for certain rituals.

If you are talking about the candles lit before an icon; it is better to just continue using them for that purpose. Let us separate what is dedicated to a holy purpose from what is used in  our daily life.
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