Coptic Orthodox Diocese of the Southern United States
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Can you please let me know why there is love and true love when God chooses who we marry? Why are we born? Why does God have to test us?

God is love and through His love, He taught us to exercise love towards others. There are four basic kinds of love which is only experienced by humanity. Humanity needs to love in order to achieve wholeness. Therefore, God gave humans the ability of attraction and expression of love through these:  

  • storge - familial love
  • eros - romantic love
  • philia - friendship, brotherly love
  • agape - selfless love (divine love)


God allows us to make our own decisions in who to marry. He is not to blame for a bad marriage. God gives us the ability to work through a marriage, thus achieving success in the marriage. He does not test us, but rather equips us with the spiritual tools of overcoming obstacles and difficult experiences in life. Life is a precious gift. Because God loves you deeply and personally, His will is that you have an opportunity to live here on earth and ultimately in the eternal life.

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