Coptic Orthodox Diocese of the Southern United States
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If we know that the point of life on earth is to prepare for heaven. I do not find that I am giving God His time and share of my daily life; not that I do not try, but university demands lots of time. Some days I leave the library at 12am when they are turning off the lights! What is knowledge going to for to me? Do I have to get a Bachelors Degree to get into heaven? I can just work at any bank as a teller or any store just to provide for my living expenses and I will have more time to focus on service, prayer, and reading God's word, so that later on, if it is God's will, I might leave the world and join one of the monasteries. I am really bothered by this concern; especially that I really feel the time is close and I want to be ready when He calls.
What is bothering me here is if I know that my purpose is clear--to get to heaven--why not take the way of perfection. "Be Perfect" said Jesus, didn't He? He also said to the rich guy, "if you want to be perfect, go sell what you have and come follow Me."

Just like the monk who has left all to remain in perpetual prayer and adoration of God, he must also maintain his exercises of chores around the monastery, prayers and readings, running various errands, and sometimes meeting guests. The monk must always be ready to assume whatever responsibilities to which he is called. Based on the former professions of the monks, some still practice their skills while yet remaining in silent prayers: engineers can help with the construction, electrical, mechanical, and irrigation systems of the monastery; accountants can help keep the books and manage the finances of the monastery; physicians and pharmacists can treat the ill fathers and provide for their medicinal needs; cooks and bakers can provide for the meals of the monks and guests; teachers can help write and edit books; bilingual and trilingual speakers can help translate various literature and Liturgies; computer programmers and tech supports can facilitate the monastery website and update various literature and hymns. Thus, monks must also work. You too may also strive in your studies as if though you are in the monastery, and these are your chores. God will choose how to utilize your skills and the talents and gifts which He gave you, in His own way and in His own time. Under the guidance of your spiritual father, you may experience the monastic life wherever you are. Prayer is the language of the heart and prayer can accompany you anywhere and anytime.

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