Coptic Orthodox Diocese of the Southern United States
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My mother taught all her children to read music, and that's the only way I have ever known to learn music. I can not "hear" it (albeit in my head) otherwise. I am trying to aggressively enter more fully into the life of the Church by learning all the hymns I can, but the job is hideously difficult for me since I can not find the music. The hymn books I have seen only have the lyrics, not the music. One of the deacons in the parish tells me that a British scholar (Ernest Newfoundland) notated Coptic hymns with the five-lines-four-spaces "standard" Western music notation. I found that there have been some other musicologists who have copied down the music, but are there works available where I can read the music for all these hymns? The deacon thought they were "out there." Does anyone have information about where lies the musical score(s) I am seeking?

The gift of reading music is beautiful and precious. Here are a few links that may be of help to you. May the Lord bless your talents to the glory of His holy name. 

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