Coptic Orthodox Diocese of the Southern United States
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I know that the deacon covers his eyes during the priest's confession because no one is worthy to look at the Holy Body and Blood. I am just asking if it is okay to take pictures of the Holy Communion and post them on social media?

We should not be photographing the Holy Eucharist. This should be a time of prayer and repentance. Actually, after the reading of the Holy Gospel and the homily and before the Prayer of Reconciliation, the catechumens were dismissed. Thus, no one other than the believers was allowed to be in the physical presence of the Lord. However, with the rapidly changing times and easy access to technology, everyone has immediate access and it is sometimes invasive with no self-restraints. Liturgies are frequently televised for the purpose of allowing the homebound to enjoy and be part of the prayers of the Divine Liturgy.
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