Coptic Orthodox Diocese of the Southern United States
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What is your opinion on the Crusade military campaigns? Would you agree that God condoned this war against the Muslims? I know the Coptic Orthodox Church was not a part of the war, but did God condone it? The Lord God does not condone the killing of innocent blood. For example, did He condone it like He did with Joshua, King David, King Saul, and Gideon? They destroyed the prophets of Baal and Molech, etc., and their whole nation for idolatry. God condoned these killings, didn't He? God also consumed Sodom and Gomorrah with fire because of their wickedness. So, if a Christian soldier dies in war against a middle-eastern nation, does God account him guilty for taking peoples lives during a war?

The military campaigns launched by Crusades were not God's war. The Coptic Orthodox Church has never been engaged in any offensive battle with any people regardless of the persecutions. Though many witnessed Jesus Christ’s crucifixion, His resurrection and ascension was witnessed by a few. Nonetheless, God allowed less that 100 men (disciples and apostles) to spread Christianity without having to repay evil with evil against any nation or religion that caused the suffering and martyrdom of many Christians. Our definition of martyrdom is much different than the definition of some other religions.

Never has God used or condoned any kind of force or violence to convert people to believe in Him or to assault any nation for lack of faith in Him—not in the Old Testament and certainly not in the New Testament. When we read about wars or any aggression in the Old Testament, these accounts were due to the other nation's acts of flagrant corruption or oppression of God's people in need of His protection.

There are many saints who held military ranks and were in combat against other countries and oppressors—St. George, St. Mina, St. Mercurius, St. Theodore, St. Maurice, St. Victor, St. Ekladios, and many others, who may be less known. If an enlisted soldier dies in a war, God will not account him guilty. The soldier's main goal is to defend so that the offenses of enemies do not expand and cause more destruction of innocent lives and loss of human rights. Often, these saints that are aforementioned were strengthened by angels and stood against much evils.
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