Coptic Orthodox Diocese of the Southern United States
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Are only Coptic Orthodox Christians going to Heaven?

The Orthodox Church, the Church of St Peter, St Paul, St Mark, and the Apostles carries on to this day, the same faith and life of the New Testament Church. The very basics of Christian doctrine, worship, and government have not been altered.

The Coptic Church’s faith in the Lord Jesus Christ’s Divinity, virgin birth, Resurrection, Ascension, and Second Coming is the same as the apostles Christ –centered faith.

The fullness of the New Testament Faith therefore can be found ONLY in the New Testament Church. Indeed the Orthodox Church is the first Christian Church in history, founded by the Lord Jesus Christ Himself, and described within the Holy Books of the New Testament.

These are the true facts to focus upon.. Our mission is to take advantage of this fullness of faith we are blessed with, not to contemplate  judgment. We should not be concerned with the question of who will and who will not enter into the Kingdom of Heaven. This is not for the us to decide.

We should seek and strive for the fullness of our blessed faith always.
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