Coptic Orthodox Diocese of the Southern United States
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I read from a person on a forum that Jews think Christians mistranslated the prophecies about Jesus in the Old Testament. I wanted to help this person so I asked my father how to prove that the Old Testament is not corrupted. He responded by saying that I am not a believer if I ask this question or if I even have the curiosity to explore other religions to make sure I am right. I completely disagreed with him but as I think of it when writing this email I agree. My father condemned that I go on forums to see other peoples’ problems because I am opening the doors for messed up people to mess me up. Who then will help such troubled people? God asked Isaiah, whom shall I send, and Isaiah said, send me. God needs people with a heart for people. How can I trust that those whose job to help actually have the talent or interest to study the Bible and pray to help others? After a dispute with my father regarding this matter, I promised him that I would get off these forums.

It is good that you thought to consult with your father about your involvement in this forum to help educate nonbelievers. You must also be ready to accept his reluctance or personal opinion. So that he does not interpret your desire to reach out to these individuals though it may be a measure of your service, but because it could be misunderstood as being disobedient or putting yourself at risk, consult first with your confession father and ask him to guide your responses and service in this capacity.
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