Coptic Orthodox Diocese of the Southern United States
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What is your perspective on  Christian music?

Christian music should not only touch the emotions of a person but also must go deeper to touch the soul. In order for Christian music to accomplish this, it must be edifying to those who are seeking spiritual growth. It must not be merely the music nor the voice  but the meaning and the praise that the music and the voice carry.

All ancient music was in the form of praises. It was melody rather than harmony that the ancient music focused upon. The focus of the song was the joy that came from one's heart, not the number of instruments, the style of the music or the band, nor a beautiful entreating voice.

The whole of the ancient Hebrew music was the means by which battles were won, cities conquered, diseases cured, and funerals mourned. This is religious music, which was indeed religious.

In the Temple was a great school of music and it was consecrated to its highest service in the worship of Jehovah.

Even David chose his choir from among the Levites in his region. Did you know that David's musical leaders often kept time with the cymbals? Keep in mind that most of what David taught himself to the choir was chants; such as we do in the Coptic Church until now.
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