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I understand that there are Old Testament books (also chapters and verses), the so-called Apocrypha, in the  Coptic version of the Bible that are not in the King James Version. Which books and chapters are these? Which version of the Holy Bible would be the closest to the Coptic version? Also, along with the Epistle of Barnabas, what other New Testament books are considered Apocrypha? Would the book of Jasher be included in the Old Testament?

The 'Catholic Bible' contains all the books (except 'the Prayer of Manasseh' which they do not print) our Church considers canonical including the books omitted by the Protestants. Those books are wrongfully called Apocrypha and are all part of the Old Testament. They are:
1- Tobit
2- Judith
3- Sequel of Esther
4- The wisdom (Wisdom of Solomon)
5- Wisdom of Joshua son of Sirach
6- Baruch
7- Sequel of the Book of Daniel
8- First and Second Macabees
9- (and Psalm 151, following Psalm 150 in the Greek Bible)
Regarding the New Testament, we only consider canonical those books in the King James Version. We do not accept the book of Barnabas as canonical.

The book of Jasher was never considered part of the Holy The book of Jasher was never considered part of the Holy Bible no one claimed it as inspired. It is just a kind of national sacred song-book, a national collection of songs in praise of the heroes of Israel.
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