Coptic Orthodox Diocese of the Southern United States
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I am a protestant exploring Orthodoxy. I would like to have an English translation of the Old Testament, including the books, which your Church includes in the Canon, which are not in the Protestant Canon. Could you advise me of which translation you recommend and where I might find a complete Canon as defined by the Coptic Church?

The Revised Standard Version (with Apocrypha) or the Catholic Bible version contain all the books accepted by the Orthodox Church as canonical and those are
  1. Tobit

  2. Judith

  3. Sequel of Esther

  4. The wisdom (Wisdom of Solomon)

  5. Wisdom of Joshua son of Sirach

  6. Baruch

  7. Sequel of the Book of Daniel

  8. First and Second Maccabees

  9. Prayer of Manasseh

  10. (And Psalm 151, following Psalm 150 in the Greek Bible).
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