"He who needs instruction and correction is (not only himself) in the way of life (but also) is a way of life for others" (Proverbs 10:17).

1. All convention rules must be followed.
2. For your safety, it is recommended that everyone remain on retreat center property during the time of the convention. The exception to this recommendation is the travel time to the retreat center and back.

1. The retreat center will be the meeting place for all attendees. Assigned room accommodations will only have those designated participants within the rooms.
2. Occupants will be held financially responsible for any damages to the room occupied.
3. Local and Long distance phone calls cannot be made through phones at the retreat center.
4. Please note that no males or females will be allowed to visit each other's floors/rooms.
5. Husbands and wives may room together. Convention fees will be based on the Double Occupancy room rate.

1. Modest attire is required at all times. Please bring appropriate clothes for the meetings, sports, and leisure activities.
2. NO SHORTS OR SLEEVELESS TOPS are allowed during the meetings or liturgies.

1. Attendance at all liturgies, lectures and events is expected.
2. Cellular phones and pagers must be turned off during scheduled activities.
3. Convention attendees MAY NOT bring outsiders to the retreat center who are not registered for the convention.

1. No smoking or consumption of alcoholic beverages will be allowed.
2. Please remember this is a Christian retreat and as such you are expected to act accordingly.

Adhering to the above rules will guarantee a retreat with the utmost in spiritual benefits.

PLEASE NOTE: Any disorderly conduct that limits the other participants' right to enjoy a spiritual retreat will be dealt with immediately.