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Course Descriptions — New Testament
NT 101  Gospels and Acts
   The Lord Jesus Christís earthly ministry, His teachings, miracles, death and resurrection. The similarities between the synoptic Holy Gospels and the Divinity of the Lord Jesus Christ according to the Holy Gospel of St. John. The Acts of the Holy Spirit through the apostles, and the missionary journeys of St. Paul.
NT 102  Pauline Letters
   Brief outline of the fourteen letters of St. Paul. When, where and to whom they were written. The circumstances that led St. Paul to write each letter. The theme of each letter and the doctrines, ethics and church conflicts mentioned in the letters.
NT 103  Catholic Letters and Revelation
   Study of the Catholic letters, their authors and their messages. A look at the Holy Book of Revelation and the message of hope it presents. The Second Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ, the Day of Judgment, and the victory of the Lord Jesus Christ.

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