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News Room — 02/01/2003
From: Dr. Samir Billatos
Sent: Saturday, February 01, 2003 12:08 PM
To: Servants' Preparatory Students
Subject: Old Testament Exam

Dear all,

I just wish to provide you with the Old Testament exam locations and contacts. The last date to inform me of a priest or a servant who could monitor your exam is Monday February 10 and the last date to take the exam is Friday February 28. It is YOUR responsibility to check with them to make sure they received the exam. So far, I have the following churches:

St. George, Tampa, FL (Fr. Moussa Saleh - Sally Matta)
St. Mary and St. Mina, Clearwater, FL (Fr. Kyrillos)
St. Mary and Archangel Michael, Orlanod, FL (Fr. Daoud)
St. Mary, Atlanta, GA (Fr. Eleia Eskander)
St. Mina, Nashville, TN (Fr. Mina Iskander)
St. Mary, Colleyville, TX (Fr. Ghobrial Samaan - Michael Massoud)
St. Philopateer, Dallas, TX (Fr. Boulos Mikhael - Samir Billatos)
State College, PA (Inas Messiha)
St. Mary and St. Michael, Miami, FL (Fr. Timotheus Soliman)

Again, please check with all priests and servants listed between parenthesis to ensure a timely action of taking the exam by February 28 (any time between now and February 28 that is convenient for all HS Boys, HS Girls and College students). If you are in an area not listed above, please let me know as soon as possible.

Finally, please remember that the exam is two parts, the first one is a 10-pages research paper. You can get the exam from your coordinator any time starting now but must return it back ONE week later.

Please remember me in your prayers.

Dr. Billatos

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