Coptic Orthodox Diocese of the Southern United States
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In the Mystery of Confession, must the priest understand the sin of the confessor in order for the latter to be forgiven even though the absolution is read?

The priest's absolution, along with the sincere repentance of the confessing person, render a confessor's sin forgiven even if the priest does not fully understand it. However, this is neither the aim behind, nor the only role of the priest during confession. A spiritual father needs to understand the nature of the sin confessed in order to be able to help the person not to fall in it again; and give him the right advice and encouragement on how to free himself from it. I am not saying a confessional father should ask about every single detail of a sin confessed; but at least encourage the repentant to confess his sin out loud declaring it before him. It is this shame to talk about it that will prevent him from falling into it again.
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