Coptic Orthodox Diocese of the Southern United States

St. Abba Sarapamone Coptic Orthodox Church
Clarksville, TN

St. Abba Sarapamone


1517 Madison Street
Clarksville, TN 37040


(931) 614-4318


Fr. Sarapamone Fouad is the priest for St.Abba Sarapamone Coptic Orthodox Church in Clarksville, TN. H.G. Bishop Youssef ordained him priest on September 11, 2022, with the presence of H.G. Bishop Seraphim, H.G. Bishop Basil and H.G. Bishop Gregory. Fr. Sarapamone has been serving within the Diocese of the Southern United States since September 11, 2022. We pray that the Lord will continue blessing his service.

If you would like to reach Fr. Sarapamone Fouad, he may be contacted by telephone at 615-462-1111 or by email at