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Admission — Application
This program is open for High School candidates who have completed Grade 8 or above, and for all college students. In order to attend and participate in the Servants’ Preparation Program an application for admission, including the following items, must be submitted:

1.  A complete application form
2.  A signed consent form of the rules and regulations
3.  A personal statement of approximately 750 words outlining any services you are currently performing in your church and your reasons for wanting to attend the Servants’ Preparation Program. A typewritten statement is preferred.
4.  A recommendation letter. Forms are available at your church and should be filled CONFIDENTIALLY by your church’s priest.

This application process will determine whether or not the candidate is accepted into the program. Applications acceptance will be determined by service coordinator.

Forms available in PDF format:
Application (PDF: 612KB)
Consent Form (PDF: 639KB)
Recommendation Letter (PDF: 624KB)

Please submit personal statement and recommendation letters to your local priest/service coordinator.

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