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Program Overview
Program of Study
Program — Program Overview
Course Requirements
Lectures: Each course is six lectures hours. Lectures for these courses will be given in a four-days retreat setting.
Reports: Candidates may register for a minimum of 4 courses and a maximum of 6 courses. One report per course must be submitted throughout the year. Due dates for these reports will be given by the course instructor. The topics of these reports will be given to the applicants in the course syllabus.
Exam: All applicants will be required to take one written exam on the first Sunday of April.
Church Services: All applicants must complete 100 hours of church service each year. This can be done within the church or outside under the supervision of a spiritual director. The spiritual director must be the church’s priest or confessions father. Each applicant must meet with his or her spiritual director 10 times per year to receive spiritual direction related to these hours of service. All service hours must be logged into the service log with a signature from the applicant’s spiritual director. (The forms of the Log Hours are available in every church).

Attendance of all lectures, submission of reports, passing the exam and the church service are a must for successful completion of the course and are prerequisite for registering for the following year.

Grade Report Key
The following grade report key will be used in determining grades for the courses. All students must receive at least a "B" in order to pass the course. Any grade lower than a B- will be considered failing.

Grade Range GPA
A 95-100 4.00
A- 90-94 3.67
B+ 87-89 3.33
B 84-86 3.00
B- 80-83 2.67
C+ 77-79 2.33
C 70-76 2.00
D 60-69 1.00
F below 60  

Suggested Church Services
1. Assist in Sunday school service
2. Assist in kids conventions and activities
3. Assisting in teaching the hymns class or the church choir
4. Gardening on church premises
5. Mowing the church lawn
6. Decorate the church on feasts days
7. Prepare Agape meals
8. Drive children to Sunday school
9. Drive someone to the church, not from the same household
10. Visit a sick person
11. Visit an elderly
12. Help in a Food bank
13. Help in a Homeless shelter
14. Visit senior centers
15. Organize church spiritual and activity days
16. Write articles for church newsletter or magazine.
17. Clean church kitchen
18. Vacuum the church
19. Clean church restrooms
20. Any other service, but it has to be approved first by the program.

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