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 Pre-K Four Friends Help a Paralytic Jesus Invited to a Wedding St. Mary the Beautiful Dove Jesus Heals Blind bartimaeus
 Grade 0 The Holy Family in Egypt The Fish with the Money St. Mary and the Mountain The Angel Sets St. Peter Free
 Grade 1 The Kind Ruth Balaam and His Donkey The Baby St. Mary Love for the Church
 Grade 2 Elijah and the Son of the Widow St. Mary the Child Elisha and the Jars of Oil The Prodigal Son
 Grade 3 Repentance and Confession St. Youstina The Feast of the Virgin-The Appearance in Zeiton Intercession
 Grade 4 Pictures and Icons The Transfiguration The Feast of the Virgin Mary: Her Departure David and Goliath
 Grade 5 Aaron’s Rod Wrestling with God Jacob Marries Leah and Rachel The Agpeya
 Grade 6 Guard Yourself from Greed: Anba Arsanius and the Beans How to Develop Spiritual Habits The Virgin’s Feast: The Miracle of the Church of Atreeb St. Demiana the Martyr
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 Grade 12