Week 1  Week 2  Week 3  Week 4
 Pre-K The Creation Noah’s Ark The Lord visits Abraham Jacob’s Dream
 Grade 0 God Creates Adam and Eve Noah’s Ark Old Sarah Gets a Baby Jacob’s Dream
 Grade 1 The Creation of Eve The Serpent’s Trick Noah in the Ark (I) Noah in the Ark (II)
 Grade 2 Abraham Separation from Lot Lot and His Wife God Cares for Hagar and Ishmael The Censer
 Grade 3 Pharaoh’s Opposition and the Ten Plagues Passover Crossing the Red Sea The Cloud and the Pillar of Light
 Grade 4
 Grade 5 Elisha Brings the Shunammite’s Son to Life The Prophets and the Poisonous Food Jesus and Zacchaeus the Tax Collector Haggai
 Grade 6 The Lord Appears in The Temple King Josiah and the Repair of the Temple Elijah Restoring the Widow’s Son to Life Nehemiah and the Rebuilding of the Walls of Jerusalem
 Grade 7
 Grade 8
 Grade 9
 Grade 10
 Grade 11
 Grade 12