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Pre-K Jesus Heals Woman With a Bent Back Who Are the Saints? Finding the Cross Jesus Helps The Fishermen
Kindergarten The Fig Tree El Nayrouz The Cross How the World Began
 Grade 1 The Angel Sets St. Peter Free The Nayrouz-Martyrs in Heaven God Created the World Adam in Paradise
 Grade 2 Behavior in the Lord’s House St. George the Prince of Martyrs Using the Cross God Calls Abraham
 Grade 3 Thankful Leper St. Stephen Anba Barsoum Al Iryan and the Power of the Cross God Calls Moses and Gives Him Miraculous Power
 Grade 4 God Cares for Gideon in His Wars The Miraculous Deeds of St. Mina and His Martyrdom Parable of the Soils The Discovery of the Cross by Empress Helene
 Grade 5 St. Mark’s First Entry to Egypt The Coptic New Year – St. John the Baptist Deborah The Judge Elisha Purifies the Water
 Grade 6 Athanasius and All the World Against Him Kuzman and Demyan An Angel Delivers Jerusalem From Sennacherib David, Solomon and the Building of the Temple
 Grade 7
 Grade 8
 Grade 9
 Grade 10
 Grade 11
 Grade 12