Week 1  Week 2  Week 3  Week 4
Pre-K Jesus Heals Woman With a Bent Back Who Are the Saints? Finding the Cross Jesus Helps The Fishermen
Kindergarten The Fig Tree El Nayrouz The Cross How the World Began
 Grade 1 The Angel Sets St. Peter Free The Nayrouz-Martyrs in Heaven God Created the World Adam in Paradise
 Grade 2 Behavior in the Lord’s House St. George the Prince of Martyrs Using the Cross God Calls Abraham
 Grade 3 Thankful Leper St. Stephen Anba Barsoum Al Iryan and the Power of the Cross God Calls Moses and Gives Him Miraculous Power
 Grade 4 God Cares for Gideon in His Wars The Miraculous Deeds of St. Mina and His Martyrdom Parable of the Soils The Discovery of the Cross by Empress Helene
 Grade 5 St. Mark’s First Entry to Egypt The Coptic New Year – St. John the Baptist Deborah The Judge Elisha Purifies the Water
 Grade 6 Athanasius and All the World Against Him Kuzman and Demyan An Angel Delivers Jerusalem From Sennacherib David, Solomon and the Building of the Temple
 Grade 7 The Book of Esther Marvelous Stories of Martyrs Holy Liturgy (I) Holy Liturgy (II)
 Grade 8 Fathers of the Church Types of Martyrs Saint Basil the Great The Carrier of Icons (Iconostasis)
 Grade 9 I am Responsible Martyrs in the Cause of Chastity The Holy Cross The Ten Commandments – First – You shall have no other gods before Me
 Grade 10 Effect of the Media The Victory of Martyrs Sin and Its Consequences The Christian Man and Violence
 Grade 11 The Liturgy of the Believers Young People and Life of Martyrdom The Features of the Adolescence Stage The First Epistle of St. Peter (I)
 Grade 12 The Attributes of God Preparation for Martyrdom Christian Youth and Family Life Youth and Identifying a Goal