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Vol. 2 No. 4 — November 2002
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Table of Contents:

Mighty Arrows Vol. 2 no. 4
Letter from H.G. Bishop Youssef
Blessing an Orderly Approach
Litany of the Pope
Spirituality of Our Church Rituals, Part III
Contemporary Music and Spirituality
The Orthodox Creed in Our Lives
The History of the Coptic Church
The Doxology for St. Mark
The Sacrifice of Praise
The Hegoman: Father Michael El-Bheri
Studies in Patrology V
Word Search - Names of the Holy Spirit (Reprinted)
Coptic Hymns & the Divine Liturgy of St Basil
Letter to Slumgob
St. Photini
Coptic Melodies
Coptic Music Preservation: Dr. Raghib Moftah
His Grace Bishop Demetrius in the News
Gates of Heaven
The Divine Liturgy of St Mark
Propaganda or Sound Doctrine?
*E.P.H.F.: The History of Abba Ammon
Hymn Terminology
A New Word was Heard
How Would the Repaired Violin Sound? (Reprinted)
Commentary on the Book of Song of Songs
Music Word Search (Reprinted)
St. Macrina
The Response System
A True Story (Reprinted)
Don't Argue with Children (Reprinted)
Saint Severus
The Doxology for the Apostles (Reprinted)
Agios (Reprinted)
My Spiritual Father Taught Me When I was Young
Human Embryonic and Stem Cell Research
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*E.P.H.F.=Excerpts from the Paradise of the Holy Fathers