Coptic Orthodox Diocese of the Southern United States

Exposition for the 9th Hour of Hosanna Sunday

April 1, 2011

COLLEYVILLE, TX. April 1, 2011 -- We thank God for all the blesings of the Holy Great Fast as we approach the Holy Week.

The Holy Synod found a missing exposition for the 9th hour of Hosanna Sunday in one of the old manuscripts in St. Mina Monastery. Thanks be to God for this discovery since all the Pascha books do not have this exposition printed in them.

It is a decision of the the Holy Synod to begin using this exposition and be added to the Pascha books. Thus please find below a copy of the exact text of the manuscript along with an edited version.

May the Lord bless us all as we live the final days of the journey of our Lord Jesus Christ on earth through the Holy Pascha week.

Exposition of the 9th hour of Hosanna Sunday

Exposition of the 9th hour of Hosanna Sunday - English translation