Coptic Orthodox Diocese of the Southern United States

The Coptic Orthodox Diocese of the Southern United States is composed of 84 priests serving the 60 churches and 39 Coptic communities. More

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The Season of the Church

The Nativity Fast

Nov 25, 2021 - Jan 6, 2022
Hathor 16 - Koiahk 28, 1738

Today's Readings

December 3, 2021
Hathor 24, 1738

He came to earth to raise you to heaven. There was no place for Him except in the cow's manger, to prepare for you a mansion in heaven.
St. Ambrose, Bishop of Milan



Introduction to the Readings of the Coptic New Year
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Coptic New Year Program
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Presbyter Ordination - Fr. Barsoum Eskander by His Grace

God's Revelation Series: Episode 14 - The Woman Persecuted & The Beast from the Sea (Chapter 12) by His Grace

Interview with Bishop Youssef on Al Horreya TV: Family Counseling - Atheism & Its Causes in Arabic

Youth Meeting: Spiritual Readiness - Lecture & QA Session (Arabic) by His Grace

Sunday Divine Liturgy Homily: Unconditional Commandment by His Grace

OCCM-TN: Knowing the Will of God (Lecture & QA Session) by His Grace

Holy Bible Study: Holy Book of Psalms Chapter 29 by His Grace


Introduction To The Sacrifices - Lecture & QA Session

How to Defeat Satan

How to Acquire Humility

The Work of The Holy Trinity - Lecture & QA Session(Arabic)

Trusting in God

Be Watchful and Ready

Prosperity of the Soul (Arabic)

The Prosperous Soul of the Servant - Lecture & QA Session (Arabic)

Be Blessed And A Blessing

news and events

Press Release

Priest Ordination - Tulsa, OK

Priest Ordination - Frisco, TX

Coptic Reader Update

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Renovation Project for the St. Mary Family Retreat Building
English | Arabic

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STM Abbey Press

Official Publishing Arm of the Coptic Orthodox Diocese of the Southern US
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Diocese Educational Programs - Board of Education

Asaph Hymns Institute

(AHI) is the first ever online hymnological seminary.
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Family Ministry Program

(FMP) Spring Registration deadline for new students: Januray 5, 2022
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LEAD Program

A program for learning Christian leadership principles.
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Theological Seminary Program

Program Registration deadline for new students: March 15, 2022
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Theological Seminary Program - Nashville

An Arabic theological program located in Nashville.
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Theology Academy

Not a real academy or institution, but a platform that promotes theological education
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Diocese Programs

Archangel Raphael Ministry (A.R.M.)

A program designed specifically for individuals with special needs.
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H.O.P.E. Social Services

A social services program designed to help those in need.
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Orthodox Christian Campus Ministries

An official campus ministry organization.
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Special Needs Ministry

A ministry designed for individuals with special needs.
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St. Clement Christian Academy

This is a learning community dedicated to meeting the needs of each learner within its walls.
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St. Mark Festival Program

This is a spiritual competition among the Coptic Churches doing the same activity world wide.
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St. Verena Resource Ministry

(SVRM) Professionals networking together to make a difference and provide resources to our Coptic community. To make a request or to volunteer as a consultant.
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TIPS: Search for Job & Education Opportunities

Triumphant Christian Church

A ministry designed for men who are seeking recovery from the bondage of addiction.
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Diocese Events

Pre-Marital Retreat

FL: Jan 14-16, 2022
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FL Thanksgiving Family Convention

Nov 24-27, 2021
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THY College Convention

Dec 10-13, 2021
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M.O.V.E. Winter High School Boys Conference

Dec 17-19, 2021
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S.A.L.T. Winter High School Girls Convention

Dec 26-28, 2021
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FL Winter Kids Camp

Dec 26-29, 2021
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C.R.E.W. Winter Middle School Convention

Dec 28-31, 2021
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Winter High School Girls Convention

Dec 20-23, 2021
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Winter High School Boys Convention

Dec 27-30, 2021
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Winter College Convention

Jan 2-5, 2022
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F.E.A.R.Less High School Girls Retreat

Dec 20-22, 2021
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F.E.A.R.Less High School Boys Retreat

Dec 20-22, 2021
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Texas Winter Kids Camp

Dec 20-23, 2021
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Winter Middle School Camp

Dec 28-31, 2021
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Coptic Orthodox Diocese of the Southern United States

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St. Mary & St. Demiana Convent

330 Village Dr.
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St. Mary & St. Moses Abbey

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St. Mary & St. Phoebe Consecrated Sisters