Coptic Orthodox Diocese of the Southern United States

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Diocese Apps

Through the grace of God, the Diocese is happy to offer the following app:.

Coptic Bookshelf

It allows you access to various books and works you would typically find on a Coptic bookshelf, including:
- H.G. Bishop Youssef’s Commentaries on the Scripture
- Mighty Arrows magazine
- H.G. Bishop Youssef’s latest books
And much more coming soon...
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Coptic Reader

It contains the official Diocese translation of all the prayer books of the Coptic Orthodox Church in English, Coptic, and Arabic. Coptic Reader has been specifically designed to harness the power of modern mobile computing technologies to deliver a seamless user experience. Thousands of pages from dozens of books have been compressed and included in Coptic Reader allowing effortless access to all the prayers of the Church.
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