Coptic Orthodox Diocese of the Southern United States

2011 Weekly Holy Bible Study with His Grace

January 11, 2011

Through the grace of God, His Grace's weekly Holy Bible Study for 2011 will be broadcast. It will be held on Wednesdays according to the schedule below. It is important to log on during the scheduled time, if you would like to hear the Holy Bible study.

Feb 9James - Session 2Nashville7:00 pm (Central)
Feb 23James - Session 3Dallas7:00 pm (Central)
Mar 9James - Session 4Orlando7:30 pm (Eastern)
Mar 16James - Session 5Nashville7:00 pm (Central)
Mar 301 Peter - Session 1Houston7:00 pm (Central)
Apr 271 Peter - Session 2Tampa/Clearwater7:30 pm (Eastern)
May 41 Peter - Session 3Houston7:00 pm (Central)
May 111 Peter - Session 4Daytona Beach7:30 pm (Eastern)
Jun 21 Peter - Session 5Atlanta7:30 pm (Eastern)
Jun 222 Peter - Session 1South Florida7:30 pm (Eastern)
Jun 292 Peter - Session 2Dallas7:00 pm (Central)
Jul 202 Peter - Session 3Orlando7:30 pm (Eastern)
Aug 241 John - Session 1Dallas7:00 pm (Central)
Sept 211 John - Session 2Orlando7:30 pm (Eastern)
Sept 281 John - Session 3Miami7:30 pm (Eastern)
Dec 71 John - Session 4Dallas7:00 pm (Central)
Jan 41 John - Session 5Tampa/Clearwater7:30 pm (Eastern)

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