Coptic Orthodox Diocese of the Southern United States

Preliminary List of Papal Candidates

June 5, 2012

COLLEYVILLE, TX. June 5, 2012 -- The preliminary list of names presented to the Nominations Committee as Papal candidates was announced and published on Wednesday 30th May 2012, as part of the process of selecting a new pope.

The Holy Synod of the Coptic Orthodox Church has only announced the preliminary list of names. A final list of eligible voters is yet to be announced, and the period for challenges to be presented to the Nominations Challenges Committee with regards to Papal candidates will only commence once this is done.

The preliminary Papal candidate list is as follows:

  1. Metropolitan Bishoy of Damiette
  2. Bishop Youannes
  3. Bishop Roufail
  4. Bishop Pavnotious of Samalout
  5. Bishop Boutros
  6. Bishop Tawadros
  7. Bishop Kirollos of Milan
  8. Fr. Rafael Avva-Mina
  9. Fr. Maximos El-Antony
  10. Fr. Shenouda Anba-Bishoy
  11. Fr. Pakhomous El-Souriani
  12. Fr. Daniel El-Souriani
  13. Fr. Anastasi El-Samuely
  14. Fr. Bishoy Anba-Paula
  15. Fr. Sawaries Anba-Paula
  16. Fr. Seraphim El-Souriani
  17. Fr. Pigol Anba-Paula

May the will of our Lord Jesus Christ be done.