Coptic Orthodox Diocese of the Southern United States

Vain Glory

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Once a servant came up to Father Pishoy and said to him, "I sometimes receive glory from people and I enjoy this glorification". Father Pishoy asked him saying, "Will you be attending evening vespers this evening?" To which he responded, "Yes". Father Pishoy said, "Good" and then left him without saying anything further.

In the general sermon of the evening vespers Father Pishoy opened fire on this servant, (without mentioning him by name, or even looking at him) saying, "Who are you O servant who steals the glory of the Lord? Why do you pray to be a servant? Is it for your personal glory or the glory of God? Do you not remember what happened to King Herod who stole the glory of God?..." and Father Pishoy continued in this manner, "You are a robber and a thief..." and so on.

The servant describes how the words of Father Pishoy rained down on him like fire, purifying him of all desires for personal glory so that towards the end he could no longer bear it and left the meeting weeping.

The following day he was surprised by a telephone call from Father Pishoy who said to him, "How are you? How are you doing?" So the servant responded, "The sermon was very tough my Father and I could not bear it, it was so severe."

So Father Pishoy answered, "Sometimes to get rid of the infection you need to cause a wound so that the infection can come out, and for this you will feel pain of course. However I am praying for you, be strong, and I am with you and anytime you need me contact me."

The servant says that after this hot strike treatment and the wisdom of Father Pishoy he never felt the need to rob God of His glory again.

This servant became one of the greatest servants in the church with many responsibilities serving God with all humility and remembering always to give glory to God.

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