Coptic Orthodox Diocese of the Southern United States

The Faithful Servant

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The Open Heart

Father Pishoy Kamel use to always put in front of him a clear objective in the service, which was, "The service is for Christ". Since Christ is not limited to a certain place, so his service was not limited to a certain place, gender, race, religion, creed, or even time.

One day a servant from St. Mark's Church in Cairo came to him and said, "We wish to start a book shop for the sale of religious books in our church". At the time St. George's church in Alexandria (and the church in which Father Pishoy was ordained to serve) was still in its infancy. The book shop was no more than a small wooden hut, and was very limited in its capabilities whether it be the number of books or financially to give books to another church.

However Father Pishoy answered him immediately and without hesitation in a fatherly spirit; "How much can you carry?"

The servant answered, "We can hire a car".

Father Pishoy said, "I agree" and he gave them such a huge amount of books that it would have taken years to pay off the debts but he did not ask for a penny. However once the new book shop was on its feet the servant did not forget the love of Father Pishoy and they paid off all that was owed.

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