Coptic Orthodox Diocese of the Southern United States

Nothing Into Everything

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"Poor yet making many rich; having nothing, and yet possessing everything" (2 Cor 6:9).

Father Pishoy always welcomed any invitation that was offered to him to preach a sermon in a church, no matter what the numbers or the age group.

One day he was in a youth meeting in Cairo and the servant responsible for the meeting was talking with Father Pishoy and knowing that God was glorified through Father Pishoy's service and that he had allowed him to build seven churches in Alexandria, he asked Father Pishoy, "How could you build that number of churches and in such a short time? Surely they cost a lot of money"

Father Pishoy answered, "My brother, with the blessings of the Christ if I telephone a rich man in Alexandria now and ask for ten thousand pounds, he will bring it with them in half an hour."

But if I were to ask you how much do you think Father Pishoy had in his pocket when he was saying this sentence?

The answer was nothing except the price of a single ticket back from Cairo to Alexandria.

Here also is a translation of a letter he wrote to the church committee of St. Shenouda and St. George Church.

Dear brethren of the committee of St. Shenouda and St. George Church

Christ has given me honor in serving Saint Shenouda and Saint George Church. I wish to express God's act who appointed you to serve Him dutifully and I ask Him to continue his work with you that He has started in you with the Holy Spirit.

As you have given me more than the financial needs I want to ask Him to bless your actions as He is the only one capable of satisfying all the needs of his holy house.

I see that the last check is more than my needs and although you insisted out of love for me, I left it with Dr. Raouf to give back to you with my great love. I thank God for your love that is for me a big enrichment.

Pray for me. Be well in the name of the Holy Trinity.

Father Pishoy Kamel

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