Coptic Orthodox Diocese of the Southern United States

His Reward is in Heaven

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In the mid-60s Father Pishoy was once travelling to Cairo, and when he arrived in Cairo he took the tram and whilst on the tram he met a servant and they got talking. In the middle of the conversation the servant started talking about a priest who worked really hard and tired in building a church in Cairo. He made it really beautifully and established a very strong service in the church and then he built a house within the church grounds for himself and his family.

However His Holiness Pope Kyrillos the sixth took a decision that the priest should not live inside the grounds of the church and must live outside so this priest and his family were forced to leave their home and live in another accommodation outside the walls of the church.

This angered the servant very much, but Father Pishoy answered, "This priest is very fortunate". The servant was surprised by this and asked, "How is that?" Father Pishoy answered, "Because he will take his reward in heaven." He continued, "I hope after I finish building St. George's church they throw me out so that I might keep my reward in heaven".

"What is our dream? To have our reward in heaven or here on earth?"

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