Coptic Orthodox Diocese of the Southern United States

A Simple Room

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Father Pishoy was not concerned with material things, and he would always say, "If we have our strength and a single garment that is sufficient."

In the beginning of his ordination he lived with his elderly mother as she was ill and required constant care and attention. After that he moved to a different place, and the woman he was renting from was so happy. He then suggested to her to build more flats to accommodate students and this was fulfilled and two flats were built in the same block for students.

The wife of Father Pishoy was called Angel, and she tells this story about him. One day they were sitting together when he suddenly asked her, "Do you think we are serving the poor as we should?"

She said to him, "You continually visit them and send to them personally whatever they need to their homes what more can you do for them?"

So he said, "No, No, we got to live amongst them. What do you think if we sold all we had and we lived in a small room made of corrugated iron like them? We will take a bed and a table and a few chairs and thats all we will need. After all did our Lord preach to us from heaven? No he came amongst us and lived like one of us. Therefore we must live amongst the poor."

However his wife apologised for lacking the ability of fulfilling his desire, and he with great husbandly love respected her wishes.

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