Coptic Orthodox Diocese of the Southern United States

A Gentle and Humble Spirit

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Father Pishoy was always gentle, and his voice was soft and was never raised. He always used to choose his words with great care so as not to hurt any one he spoke to. His gentle smile was constant giving hope to all who were sad or depressed.

In the start of building St. Minas Monastery, a few of the youth went with Father Pishoy for a retreat in the monastery. They took with them tents to stay in, and they had to carry those tents 13 kilometres from the train station to the monastery. Father Pishoy would crowd out the youth so that he could carry the tents.

The humility of Father Pishoy came from his depth and was not just a performance he put on Once in the middle of the church a person was cursing and swearing at him and used very harsh and upsetting words. He remained silent throughout so that he might not lose one soul for the sake of his honour or his dignity.

He often would receive letters of complaint against him, or letters of complaint would go to others about him. Many evil people would write harsh words against him although he was defending the truth or those who were unable to defend themselves. Despite this with every letter his humility would increase and he would bear the suffering in silence sharing with Christ who was brought as a lamb to the slaughter in silence.

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