The Holy Great Fast

Feb 24 - Apr 11, 2014
Meshir 17 - Parmoute 3, 1730


The Holy Great Fast and Spiritual Discipline
By H.G Bishop Youssef

The Holy Great Fast is often referred to as "The Spring of Our Spiritual Life". Spring being the most beautiful season of the year and a time of spiritual renewal.The 55 days of the Holy Great Fast are considered the most Holy days of fasting of the Coptic Church. Fifty-five days include the forty days, which were fasted by the Lord Himself, the Passion Week, and the first initial week to prepare us spiritually before this great season of renewal. We fast to commemorate His sufferings on the Holy Cross, for spiritual discipline and our salvation.Much has been written regarding fasting associated with foods. Yet, fasting is not only abstaining from certain foods. It is a time for us to have our hearts filled with the Holy Spirit. How can our hearts be filled with the Holy Spirit and guarded against all sin?When we fast we exercise self-control. Fasting provides an occasion to enrich the soul and elevate it to a higher level of spiritual discipline. St Isaac said, "Having control of what we say is better than having control over our bodies, and guarding our hearts against sin is best of all."
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Resurrection Joy & Peace

Two major gifts our Lord meant to grant us by the Resurrection are joy and peace. But sadly, on this feast day and on many of the following holy fifty days, many of us are not at peace. We may have gone to church and celebrated while inside its doors, but we still have the concerns of the world hanging over our heads. The worries of the soul are not yet dissipated by the Resurrection joy. . Read More

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